A New Plugin That Converts Posts Printed in the Typical Editor Into Blocks

A New Plugin That Converts Posts Printed in the Typical Editor Into Blocks
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If you are seeking an easy way to speedily transform posts penned in the Vintage Editor into Blocks with no owning to edit every single post and improve them independently, examine out this manufacturer new WordPress plugin produced by Marie Comet. After mounted and activated, you are going to come across a Traditional to Gutenberg hyperlink situated in the Applications menu.

This plugin adds a person interface that permits you to see a list of Posts or Webpages that have been revealed in the Typical Editor, Gutenberg, or both of those. Basically examine the box following to the post you want to Convert and click on the Transform button.

a list view of posts or pages that have been published in the wordpress classic editor or gutenberg.The Transform to Gutenberg Blocks Person Interface

In my confined tests, I printed two posts. A person contained absolutely nothing but paragraphs while the other contained paragraphs and purchased lists. In both circumstances, the converted posts took successive paragraphs and bunched them jointly into 1 paragraph block. Meanwhile, the purchased lists ended up appropriately transformed into their block counterparts in the correct areas. Here is an instance of what I’m conversing about.

A Series of Paragraphs Grouped into One Paragraph Block after being converted from the classic editor into GutenbergA Series of Paragraphs Grouped into One Paragraph Block

I feel the objective of this plugin is to present a convenient choice to convert old content material into blocks with out obtaining to open up just about every write-up and transform them independently. However, if paragraphs are transformed into giant blocks of textual content, it defeats the intent and no matter what time discounts is generated is then eradicated. This plugin is manufacturer new and requirements to bear further screening but the initially big situation that demands to be resolved is paragraph conversion as it is very likely the most utilised block in WordPress.

If you decide to try this plugin out for oneself, Comet advises people to backup their database before making use of any alterations to a live web site. Comet is open up to feedback from the group about the experimental plugin and Pull Requests are welcomed. What would you like to see in a Classic Post to Block conversion tool?

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