How to Put in And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanel

How to Put in And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanel
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SPanel’s improvement revolves all over a few core concepts. We believe that a net web hosting administration system must deliver consumers with a great deal of area to increase. Website proprietors need to have ample options to customize their web hosting surroundings, streamline resource utilization, and increase overall performance as their initiatives evolve.

Crucially, they need to be equipped to do all this without having shelling out significant supplemental fees or expending several hours hoping to figure out how make the command-line interface work.

OpenLiteSpeed’s integration into SPanel is the excellent case in point – it can considerably strengthen loading speeds, nevertheless you can help it with a few of clicks.

Let us see how it operates.

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What Is OpenLiteSpeed?LiteSpeed vs. ApacheOpenLiteSpeed vs. LiteSpeed EnterpriseSwitching to OpenLiteSpeed in SPanelConclusionFAQWhat Is OpenLiteSpeed?

OpenLiteSpeed is the open-resource version of LiteSpeed Organization (also referred to as LiteSpeed Website Server or LSWS). OpenLiteSpeed and LSWS are hailed as some of the world’s swiftest web servers. They are nevertheless nowhere close to as popular as the marketplace leaders, but many usage figures suggest that the quantity of sites working on best of them is heading up.

This, in change, exhibits that much more and additional people are beginning to enjoy how important the web server is for the complete internet hosting setup.

The internet server is the program application liable for processing users’ requests and offering the ideal content. Deciding upon a quick and successful website server is essential not only for your website’s speed but also for the server load and components useful resource utilization.

LiteSpeed Enterprise and OpenLiteSpeed excel in this certain part. To display you just how excellent they are, we’ll put them up them against the most recognizable name on the world wide web server current market – Apache.

How to Install And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanelLiteSpeed vs. Apache

In many methods, the Apache internet server has formed the globe broad website as we know it. It is been about since the mid-1990s, and at a single stage, it was powering far more than half of all energetic internet sites. However, above the final few a long time, its industry share has been shrinking, with some sources boasting that it is no for a longer period the most well known net server out there. Its age may have one thing to do with it.

Every web server handles several requests concurrently, even on a somewhat tiny web-site. When Apache does it, it launches a new procedure for every proven link – a uncomplicated technique that built a wonderful deal of sense back in 1995, when most sites consisted of tiny more than HTML web pages and visuals.

Correct now, it’s not exactly the most economical method.

Modern day web sites and world-wide-web programs are considerably a lot more complex. Typically, several parts will need to work in unison to create a solitary website web site. Couple this with the reality that on the net site visitors has exploded over the past a long time, and you’ll see that Apache’s 20-moreover-12 months-aged solution to processing requests can quickly eat a good deal of CPU energy. It’s no surprise that its far more modern opponents count on a totally different architecture.

OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed make use of an occasion-pushed product. Contrary to Apache, they cope with all connections below a one approach (or, in some situations, really couple of processes). It fields requests as they occur and relays them to external threads. The impact is twofold – the range of concurrently operating procedures is diminished, and so is the execution time.

To boost functionality even further more, the LiteSpeed website servers use a special API to delegate PHP execution to external apps. The API is referred to as LSAPI, it is embedded and enabled by default on all LiteSpeed world-wide-web servers, and it’s viewed as a great deal speedier than everything else on the industry. In addition to allowing for faster handling of a number of connections at as soon as, this also increases safety and steadiness.

Then there’s LSCache – an highly developed server-aspect caching facility embedded into all LiteSpeed net servers. One of its fantastic functions is its means to serve dynamic content from memory. Since it’s crafted into the web server, you really do not need to set up a reverse proxy to use it, which speeds up the caching and serving of static files as nicely.

LSCache’s results on the effectiveness are profound. Crucially, getting it to perform with your web-site is a two-simply click job in most conditions.

LiteSpeed has launched extensions for well-liked material management devices and internet site developing programs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and so on. The insert-ons mechanically make the necessary modifications and configure your application to function with LSCache.

To confirm how efficient their solution is, LiteSpeed established up a WordPress internet site with their plugin below OpenLiteSpeed and place it up against a pair of WP installations driven by Apache and Nginx.

A head-to-head comparison discovered that OpenLiteSpeed processes 5 moments far more requests for every second than Nginx and 13 situations a lot more requests per next than Apache.

LiteSpeed web servers obviously have a general performance gain more than other solutions on the market. But which version really should you pick? Really should you go for the no cost OpenLiteSpeed? Or do you need to established aside a every month spending budget for LiteSpeed Company?

How to Install And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanelOpenLiteSpeed vs. LiteSpeed Enterprise

First, we should stage out that OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Business are centered on the identical party-pushed architecture. In terms of speed, there’s tiny to independent the two. Nonetheless, there are a couple of important variances in other places.


You are going to be paying a month-to-month price to use LiteSpeed Enterprise, so you can depend on a workforce of support specialists who can solution your concerns and assistance you fix any technological challenges. As with other free of charge application goods, complex guidance is not offered for OpenLiteSpeed.

You can appear for info in the web server’s documentation and request the community if you’re unable to uncover what you need to have. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that controlling a job dependent on OpenLiteSpeed is probable to be a little bit much more demanding than working a person underneath LiteSpeed Enterprise.

CMS compatibility

Manually configuring your web page to perform with LiteSpeed’s impressive caching engine is really challenging, primarily if you’re not that professional. You may possibly want to check no matter if there’s an add-on you can use.

LiteSpeed caching extensions for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, XenForo, MediaWiki, and Laravel are accessible to equally OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Business users.

Even so, if you’ve created an on line store with Magento, PrestaShop, or Shopware, you will will need a legitimate LiteSpeed Company license to use the LSCache plugin.

Apache compatibility

If you’ve decided to switch to OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed Enterprise, you likely want to know what modifications you are going to will need to make to be certain your existing options work as supposed.

If you choose LiteSpeed Enterprise, you have absolutely nothing to fear about. LiteSpeed’s quality version is a drop-in alternative for Apache, this means you will use it exactly like your existing net server. You have the exact same directives in the exact .htaccess file to tweak your site’s habits, and all the improvements are mirrored straight away.

In contrast to LiteSpeed Business, OpenLiteSpeed is not a drop-in Apache substitution. Mind you, this doesn’t suggest that the change will be unpleasant. In a couple extremely unusual circumstances, you could need to have to make some modifications to your site’s options, but most most likely, anything will perform out of the box.

OpenLiteSpeed supports rewrite rules, so all the modifications you’ve finished to your site’s .htaccess file will be reflected soon after you make the swap.

Even so, one particular point you want to keep in mind is that, in contrast to LiteSpeed Enterprise, OpenLiteSpeed doesn’t check out for modifications to the .htaccess file routinely. Each individual time you add a new directive, you’ll want to restart the website server to use the alterations.

How to Install And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanelControl panel compatibility

The developers of some of the world’s most popular website hosting regulate panels have been somewhat unwilling to diversify the assortment of supported web servers. This could have an impact on the people today who want to use one particular of LiteSpeed’s remedies, particularly people thinking of setting up OpenLiteSpeed.

For case in point, WHM/cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, and Virtualmin help LiteSpeed Company only.

If you have root access, you can try out and set up OpenLiteSpeed on servers operating these command panels manually. Even so, to do it, you will need to be comfortable operating with the command-line interface. You ought to also bear in mind that these setups have not been formally examined, so applying them in a generation surroundings may well not be a really excellent strategy.

If you have an SPanel VPS, nevertheless, you can very easily put in each LiteSpeed Company and OpenLiteSpeed. We examined our proprietary management technique with both equally net servers, and we integrated them into the Graphic Consumer Interface (GUI). All you want to do to established them up is a pair of minutes and a several mouse clicks.

Switching to OpenLiteSpeed in SPanel

SPanel supports many web server setups. The possibilities are available by using the World wide web Server Supervisor within SPanel’s Admin Interface.

How to Install And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanel

If you go to the OpenLiteSpeed tab, you will see a rapid overview of the world wide web server’s general performance rewards more than its competitors, as nicely as a couple of recommendations displaying you how to get the most out of it. Below them, there’s a Change to OpenLiteSpeed button.

How to Install And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanel

SPanel will alert you that switching to OpenLiteSpeed will take a handful of minutes, all through which your VPS may well be unresponsive. You might want to select a quiet time of the day for the set up to limit the effects of the provider disruption.

How to Install And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanel

After you verify that you want to keep on, SPanel will get started installing OpenLiteSpeed on your VPS. When it is done, the webpage will reload.

In addition to setting it up, SPanel configures OpenLiteSpeed to deliver the most effective attainable web hosting surroundings for your website. Still, if you want to put into action some personalized configurations, you can do it via OpenLiteSpeed’s admin console offered at https://[your server’s IP]:7080. You can come across instructions on how to access it in the Status subtab inside of SPanel’s World-wide-web Server Supervisor.

How to Install And Configure OpenLiteSpeed in SPanel

Most of you in all probability will not have to have to make any additional alterations to the world wide web server’s configuration, but the solutions for fantastic-tuning it are offered. SPanel’s World wide web Server Supervisor also lets you disable OpenLiteSpeed and switch back again to Apache.


There are several choices for speeding up a web site. Regretably, web page proprietors generally can not explore them either since they do not have the funds or since the new technologies isn’t appropriate with their server set up.

When we initial commenced creating SPanel, we preferred to make positive it poses as several constraints as possible for buyers.

This is why OpenLiteSpeed is one particular of various web servers that are not only supported but also really straightforward to set up and use.


Q: What is OpenLiteSpeed?

A: OpenLiteSpeed is an open-supply net server that is notably more quickly than most of its rivals thanks to its celebration-driven architecture and potent caching engine. OpenLiteSpeed supports Apache’s rewrite policies, so most websites can switch to it without the need of extra reconfiguration.

Q: Is OpenLiteSpeed totally free?

A: Though it employs the very same celebration-driven architecture as the compensated LiteSpeed Business website server, OpenLiteSpeed is totally free to use on your digital or focused server. On the other hand, you need to don’t forget that it’s not formally supported by a lot of world-wide-web web hosting administration platforms like cPanel and Plesk. You are going to have no problems using it with ScalaHosting’s SPanel.

Q: Does OpenLiteSpeed do the job properly with WordPress?

A: Yes, it does. In addition to the celebration-pushed architecture letting for speedier request processing with a lesser components footprint, OpenLiteSpeed can also increase websites’ effectiveness with its impressive caching motor. A absolutely free-to-use plugin can configure WordPress to work with LiteSpeed’s caching option.

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