9 Strategies for Creating a Website to Showcase Your Personal Brand

9 Strategies for Creating a Website to Showcase Your Personal Brand
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1. Focus on Your Own Site


You’re building your whole across the course of your entire career, which will usually last quite fifty years. regardless of the hottest service is currently can now not be hot in 5 years, coupled with fifty. Skip one lunch out, and purchase a $10 name therefore you’ll be able to management its content and form it but you prefer.

2. Control Your Own Brand


Never surrender management over your personal brand; it’s the sole factor you get to stay in life. victimization free sites to assist promote your complete is ok, however it’s fully necessary to possess management of your own web site. Plus, once done professionally, it shows you’re serious concerning your complete. Invest in your complete by investment in your own personal web site.

3. Use Your Own Site


Accurate or not, dot-com sites forever seem additional skilled than identical sites on Blogspot or alternative subdomain sites. produce your own dot-com, and you’ll seem as skilled as are often.

4. Try Medium


If you’re a author, Medium is more and more well-respected thanks to showcase your thinking and interests. It’s conjointly simple to line up and even easier to form look smart, which may be powerful on Tumblr or concerning.me. Ultimately, it depends on the sort of content you’re fascinated by manufacturing.

5. Host Your Own Site


If you don’t have an internet site, nobody goes to seek out you. If your web site is on Tumblr, WordPress, about.me or one thing similar, you don’t own the info. does one wish to have your own data? affirmative, thus get your own web site, and host it. This should only cost you $100 per year.

6. Get Your Own Website


Setting up an expert web site currently takes but associate degree hour and fewer than $100. I helped a lover do therefore, and that we spent $50. we tend to even purchased a brand new WordPress theme and launched it in regarding forty five minutes. Here’s all you wish — a website name, hosting, WordPress, an issue and a trifle content to place on your web site. you’ll be able to continuously upgrade the varied items later if you wish to pay a lot of.

7. Build a Sleek Site


Without a doubt, set one au fait concerning.me, Flavors.me, Squarespace or the same web site. Then, purchase your own personal dot-com name if accessible. These services create your web site look extraordinarily skilled at an occasional price and area unit straightforward to use. you may be ready to link to all or any your social media profiles and incorporate a web log to assist grow your personal complete even any.

8. Start With LinkedIn


It will be easier to rank a LinkedIn page on search engines than a self-hosted web site, particularly if your name is common. it should add up down the road to line up a web site and take a look at to urge it to rank, however it’s far more economical to urge a LinkedIn ranking 1st.

9. Control Your Own Branding


I believe this can be true for various marketing reasons, but most significantly, for empowering your brand.

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