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Facebook Video is Eating YouTube’s Audience
Comments Off on Facebook Video is Eating YouTube’s Audience, 14/11/2014, by in Facebook, Video, Youtube

Facebook's essential metrics when it comes to video clip are on the up, while YouTube's are on the wind down. For the last years YouTube has actually had an online syndicate over on the internet video clip sights-- "YouTube" is nearly as much of a verb to video clip as "Google" is to browse-- howeve... Read more...

How to Optimize Youtube Videos?
Comments Off on How to Optimize Youtube Videos?, 26/06/2013, by in Video

You may hear of many great ways or sources to optimize Youtube videos. This simple statement could mean any number of things to a person who has never had the experience of uploading and posting a video on Youtube. If you are that person who is new to Youtube, and plans to use your video as a market... Read more...