The Top Influencers Captivating Audiences across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

The Top Influencers Captivating Audiences across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
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Gathering a big subsequent on one social media platform is an impressive feat in itself, but the ability to broaden across a number of social platforms enables influencers to achieve another a higher level of success. Today’s top social media influencers are linking with millions of fans through an increasingly huge selection of mediums and formats.

Whether or not through social posts, Stories or videos, top social media influencers are coming up with and discussing new and innovative content at virtually each and every moment. Here, we’ve defined the 25 most followed social media influencers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In total, the group maintains a lot more than 890 million followers online.

1. PewDiePie — 100+ Million Followers Total

Felix Kjellberg, Aka PewDiePie, is a Swedish social media influencer. Having a subscriber base of 65 million, he is one of the most followed YouTuber of all time. He also entertains enormous audiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, reaching a total of nearly 100 million followers all over the four platforms.

Although he’s been belittled on multiple events for creating improper and insensitive content material, the social media superstar keeps extreme popularity online and allegedly earns around $12 million each year. He’s got also leveraged his online fame to launch a limited edition apparel line.

2. Whindersson Nunes — 73+ Million Followers Total

Acting professional, comedian and social media star Whindersson Nunes is really a man of many talents. The Brazilian influencer started his online career at the young age of 15 and has since grown a crowd nearly one-fourth the size of his home country.

No matter the platform, Nunes is a jokester. He posts amusing photos on Instagram and Facebook and takes to YouTube to publish music parodies. Without a doubt, his comedic nature makes for an easy transition to his act as a stand-up comic and actor.

3. Logan Paul — 54.6 Million Followers Total

Logan Paul started his online profession on Vine and transitioned onto YouTube in 2015. Paul is different in that he has varied across social media platforms relatively evenly, sustaining equally large viewers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

His videos typically impress humor and surprise, an equation which has helped him gather a big and engaged fanbase. However, his content material has been highly controversial, especially in January when he made light of suicide in YouTube vlogs.

Paul has issued multiple I’m sorry and continues to forge on in creating popular social content. He’s got also seen success like a conventional actor, with several gigs on mainstream television.

4. El Rubius — 57+Million Followers Total

Ruben Gunderson is among Spain’s most famous influencers and created the Spanish YouTube channel elrubiusOMG in 2011. On YouTube, the vast majority of his videos are gameplay, though he does from time to time post vlogs.

Gunderson professionally leverages unique social media programs for various purposes. His Instagram offers a sneak peek into his personal life, while his Twitter frequently features hilarious memes.

His accomplishments offline are crucial as well. Along with posting an original book and a comic book series, he’s the person receiving several online awards.

5. Dude Perfect — 61.6 Million Followers Total

Dude Perfect is really a sports entertainment company began by five friends and former senior high school basketball players. The audience rose to fame right after publishing its first viral basketball trick shot video on YouTube back in 2009.

In the time since, Dude Perfect is becoming famous for presenting tricks shot videos, competitions, and challenges of all types across social media. The group has also started an internet merchandise store, its very own television series, and multiple mobile apps.

6. Cameron Dallas — 45+ Million Followers Total

Cameron Dallas now stars over the big screen in the Netflix reality show Chasing Cameron, but the 23-year-old actor from California got he begin a much smaller screen. Young, good looking and charming, Dallas initially won the hearts of millions on YouTube and Vine.

Today, he has over 45 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where he continues to post humorous videos. Not only an influence, but Dallas is also a model as well as launched an Aeropostale clothing line in 2014.

7. Markiplier — 42+ Million Followers Total

Mark Fischbach, more typically referred to as Markiplier, is one of the internet’s favorite video game players. His YouTube gaming channel (which has almost 20 million subscribers) is definitely an endless way to obtain humor and gaming expertise. Whether through a Let’s Play video or animated parody, he regularly entertains.

While YouTube is his primary channel, he also articles regularly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where he focuses less on gaming and more on his particular life. Fischbach can also be well known for funding and championing various charitable causes, including children’s rights and access to clean water.

8. Zoella — 38.6 Million Followers Total

Zoe Sugg – aka Zoella – is a fashion and beauty blogger from England. At the young age of 19, Sugg started a way blog that turned into a YouTube channel. She’s since has garnered nearly 40 million fans across her social channels.

During the period of her career, she’s done video collaborations having a plethora of other prominent influencers, including her boyfriend Alfie Deyes. Her candor and truthfully with fans has arguably led to much of her success. Sugg regularly talks about anxiousness and mental health in the context of her experiences around social platforms.

9. Lele Pons — 44+ Million Followers Total

Lele Pons loves getting a laugh away from her audience on social media. The 21-year-old Venezuelan-American is both hilarious and beautiful and frequently incorporates slapstick comedy into the practical jokes she films. On her largest social channel, Instagram, she regularly shares funny short-form video skits, fashion content, and photographs with friends.

Starting as a 16-year-old on Vine, Pons presently has over 35 million followers across social media platforms and has starred in videos, TV shows, and movies. She actually is even the author of a New York Times best-selling bookmaking Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2017.

10. Liza Koshy — 37+ Million Followers Total

Like many top influencers, Liza Koshy created her status as a hilarious actress and personality on Vine. She then moved her focus to her YouTube channel, which presently has over 13 million subscribers.

Koshy’s comedic precision has resulted in a remarkable list of accomplishments, including a job interview with President Obama. She also stars in the Hulu tv series Freakish and the YouTube Red show Escape the night time. Across social media, Koshy is often seen alongside her group of influencer friends David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Corrina Kopf, and more.

11. Juanpa Zurita — 38+ Million Followers Total

Juan Pablo “Juanpa” Zurita is really a Mexican internet character whose amusing Vine videos became famous in 2013. Their first short video featuring his dog Paco quickly went viral, and it will be history.

Five years and nearly 400 million YouTube views later, he has successfully transitioned to other social media channels, where he frequently discusses his new career as a model and even campaigns to fight hunger in Africa.

Zurita has also proven that you could mesh a social media and traditional amusement career. In 2017, he hosted MTV’s Millennial Awards together with his good friend and fellow top influencer Lele Pons.

12. Jake Paul — 36+ Million Followers Total

To his family, Jake Paul might just be Logan’s little brother, but to everything about social media, he’s a massive star. The 21-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio began his career on Vine and is now taking pleasure in his celebrity status in the Southern California sunshine.

His sensationalist content, together with a recent video by which he suspends a trampoline from a helicopter, has attracted viewers of 32 million fans on YouTube alone. He gives equally crazy content on Instagram, his second largest social channel.

Paul displays noticeable business drive. He soon started Team 10, a group of young social media influencers who live to together and frequently collaborate, as well as their own social media company and investment capital fund.

13. Huda Beauty — 35+ Million Followers Total

Huda Kattan has more Instagram followers than every other top influencer on the list, with a massive 24.6 million. The businesswoman and influencer combined her entrepreneurial background having a lifelong passion for makeup to create her very own beauty business, Huda Beauty, in 2013.

Kattan originally started as a blogger, however, uses all modes of social media to cover the latest beauty industry news. Her blogs, YouTube videos, and Instagram Stories offer beauty tips, ideas, and tutorials in various forms.

14. Amanda Cerny — 32+ Million Followers Total

Amanda Cerny is much more than just good looks. Her vivacious personality and razor-sharp wit have assisted her to accrue online celebrity status. She is best known for her humorous skits, which she shares across all of her social platforms.

On Instagram alone, she maintains 19.7 million followers and consistently uses the working platform to talk about her exciting lifestyle. No stranger to business, Cerny is also in the midst of launching her very own merchandise and supplement line.

15. Cyprien — 29+ Million Followers Total

Comedic genius Cyprien Lov – AKA Monsieur Dream – is a French social media star who mainly uses YouTube to create short, humorous videos. He lives in Paris and creates all of his content in French. His Francophone audience loves him; his YouTube channel on your own has 1.8 billion views.

Lov can also be the creator of his very own online mobile app, that allows fans to view his videos and photoshop on their own into photos of Lov themselves. As though that isn’t enough, his other ventures include an original clothing line along with a podcast series.

16. Jenna Marbles — 22+ Million Followers Total

The sixth female influencer on the list, Jenna Mourey, is really a blogger, comedian, and actress most well-known on her entertaining YouTube funnel. Mourey is popularly known by her online alias, Jenna Marbles, a combination of her and her dog Marbles’ first names.

With almost 18 million subscribers, she maintains probably the most subscribers associated with an American female YouTuber. A lot of her jokes poke fun at gender stereotypes and relationships, presenting an amusing perspective on everyday encounters. Interestingly, Mourey may be the first social networking star to have a wax figure of themselves displayed in New You are able to City’s Madame Tussauds museum.

17. Lilly Singh — 30+ Million Followers Total

Lily Singh wills it all. She writes books, functions on the camera, creates humorous Instagram videos and runs the most popular YouTube funnel IISuperwomanII. The Canadian superstar is among the most effective women on the web.

Singh rated first within the entertainment category around the 2017 Forbes Top Influencers List and is constantly on the publish videos on her 13 million subscribers. Like every superhero, Singh leverages her forces permanently and grew to become a Unicef ambassador in 2017.

18. King Bach — 29+ Million Followers Total

Andrew Bachelor, popularly known by his online alias King Bach, is definitely an actor and social networking influencer. Initially, from Canada, King Bach went to live in Florida growing up, after which to Hollywood to review improve in the Groundlings, a famous comedy group.

His exuberant personality earned him the title on most-adopted Viner in 2015, even though Vine disappeared; Bachelor’s celebrity status only has grown. His exhibits a specific tendency towards video and maintains two YouTube channels: BachelorsPadTv and Bach Vlogs.

Bachelor also boasts roles within the Mindy Project and Punk’d, among other Television shows and films.

19. Zach King — 27.9 Million Followers Total

Zach King is definitely an internet personality most widely known for performing digital magic. Using clever editing methods, King captivates his audience well over 27 million across social networking. His unique editing skills, coupled with his creativeness and personality, have helped him gain recognition as well as work with brands to produce TV commercials.

King has utilized his online success to produce a trilogy of imaginary books following Zach, a middle scholar with magical forces because he navigates the trials and tribulations everyday existence.

20. Roman Atwood — 23+ Million Followers Total

Roman Atwood is really a YouTube comedy veteran along with a prank genius. For just one prank, Atwood converted his house right into a ball pit, and Nissan bought his video to make use of inside a 2015 Super Bowl commercial.

He’s most widely known for his funnel RomanAtwoodVlogs, where he documents his day-to-day existence, but has as numerous subscribers on his secondary account, RomanAtwood, that is exclusively focused on pranks. Also, he entertains millions on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where he frequently shares pictures of his family.

21. Tyler Oakley — 21+ Million Followers Total

Tyler Oakley is revered both offline and online for championing the LGBTQ community. He’s largely dedicated his online career to promoting social issues, including education, healthcare, and LGBTQ legal rights. Oakley also shows a specific knack for interviewing and it has labored with Ellen Degeneres and Michelle Obama.

Oakley’s YouTube funnel has almost 8 million subscribers, and the Twitter and Instagram are close behind with 6.5 million supporters each. Regardless of the platform he brings an outgoing personality and continuous positivity to fans, two characteristics which have helped him build a web-based empire.

22. Miranda Sings — 18+ Million Followers Total

Unlike many online creators taking to the web to talk about their personal lives, Colleen Ballinger has had an untraditional method of her career like a social networking influencer. She produced the imaginary character Miranda Sings and rapidly charmed the web with cool videos and Miranda’s famous catchphrase, “Haters back away.”

Ballinger now runs two YouTube channels, one on her character, Miranda, and something for herself. Her equally amusing Instagram page allures over six million fans, and she or he also posts regularly on Twitter and Facebook.

Her comedy prowess has brought to speak show appearances, tv shows, as well as her very own live comedy tour.

23. Michelle Phan — 13+ Million Followers Total

Michaell Phan’s accomplishments stretch across mediums and industries. Most widely known on her beauty expertise, she began her very own makeup company Ipsy, launched a YouTube MCN known as FAWN, and it has even written a magazine.

Across social networking, Phan publishes makeup advice and tutorials on her greater than 15 million fans. She began her beauty blog in 2005 and embarked onto YouTube in 2007. Since that time, she’s won or been nominated for several awards, including Teen Choice Award for Web Star: Fashion/Beauty.

24. Casey Neistat — 13+ Million Followers Total

Casey Neistat’s first viral video will be a public service announcement denouncing poor performing iPod device batteries. The now-famous filmmaker’s creativeness and talent behind (and before) the digital camera have earned him over 14 million total supporters across his social media channels.

His YouTube funnel is full of exciting short films about his adventures and artistic projects. He’s also outdated daily vlogger making the news because he offered his company Beme to CNN for $25 million.

25. DeStorm Power — 9+ Million Followers Total

Rounding out our listing of top social networking influencers is DeStorm Power, a United States music performer, comedian, and internet personality. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Power is most well-known for developing a web series entitled Caught, by which his “side-chick” and the buddies obstruct of his relationship together with his girlfriend.

He mainly uses Twitter and Instagram to help keep fans entertained with amusing messages and jokes. On the other hand, YouTube and Facebook are the places to find Caught content. Talk of the second season keeps his greater than ten million supporters awaiting more.

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