Use Some Tips On Writing Great Content To Rank High In The List Of Google

Use Some Tips On Writing Great Content To Rank High In The List Of Google
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Some-Tips-Writing-Great-Content-Rank-HighWriters have landed in a very difficult situation because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They get so busy in writing content according to the keywords that hey forget whether they are writing for people of for search engines. But writers should understand that even if they land in Google’s list, their content should also make sense to people otherwise they would not convert into customers.

There are some tips you could use to ensure landing in Google’s list with relevant content:

Do not worry about density of keyword: It is Google which picks up the keywords but there have been no records that Google ranks you according to stuffing keywords.

Make sure you write long but relevant content: Long articles are picked by Google in the top list and longer articles are even shared more as compared to the shorter ones.

You are answerable to your customers: Your customers probably might have queries related to your products or services and that is why he would type keywords in Google to obtain answers. Make sure to write informative content so that customers land on your website. If your answers are better as compares to your competitors, you even might get a new customer.

Try to obtain maximum shares on social media: As soon as your content is shared more, you automatically get relevance and will make you popular on Google too.

Keep in mind that optimization is for robots, content is for humans: Everybody gets into the run of writing content so that they obtain position in the first page of Google but even Google seeks for natural and original content.

images (34)Get an account on Google+: Getting a Google+ account can help you improve your rankings because Google is going to start Author Rank which means individual authors would be ranked and not only the websites hosting the authors’ content. This way, you can boost the ownership of the content and get famous.

A brief quotable passage and catchy tags are still in vogue: Google takes note of title tags at the first place while categorizing the web pages. Your customers or even prospects might search for title tags. That is why; make sure to blend your keywords into catchy titles to motivate prospects at large.

Try to write lengthy phrases: Although writing lengthy headings can be a task of too much efforts but prospects keep looking for long tags or phrases. Although the search volume is small, but you are sure to obtain high quality traffic and the chances increase of them to covert.

To find associated keywords, use Google Tilde: If you happen to type a little out of your keyword, Google will automatically display a list below of the most searched keywords. You automatically will come to know which keywords are searched mostly and then, you can modify your keywords relevantly.

Use synonyms, related words and grammar variations: When your customers seeach according to keywords, Google and other major search engines use indexing to display results matching with the keywords. To make your content relevant, try to use variations in keywords.

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