Making Company name as URL? Does it Really Help in Promotion

Making Company name as URL? Does it Really Help in Promotion
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chart_5An online business can only bring out effective results if appropriate methods is followed and applied. In many circumstances, businesses do not get desired results after a lot of attempt because of the negligence and deficiency of the knowledge of the business owners. Among many different aspects, marking the URL has always showed up as a big issue that many business owners are not able to execute successfully. Obviously, it  can fuel a  debate saying ‘what’s there in a name?’ But the reaction of this easy question can be outright surprising as the URL name can be the key determinant of success for any organization.

Device of Remembrance

Among different choices, selecting the organization name as URL is undoubtedly the best one. The objective is that it allows in promoiting the company in the best possible way. If you put your business’s name in the URL of your web page, it becomes outright  simple for the customers to remember it at one go. The similarity between your business’s name and URL is very essential because customers can instantly relate the organization with the URL name. Moreover, it helps  in  optimizing it for leading search engines. A brief example will make the things clear.

A Simple But Interesting Example

Suppose you own a company named “Be Graceful”which delas with  beauty products line. Simultaneously, your have  a  competitor operating in the same line of business  and is  named  as   ‘Be Beautiful’. Assume, your competitor puts his business’s name on the URL of his web page, but  you typically neglect the idea. So, your URL will be like this- ‘’. While your rival have the  name of the  company in the  URL. Within  a  few  days, you will certainly see that your rival is experiencing the popularity as consumers can quickly remember the appealing and exclusive name of the company with the particular name. They will get more visitors and will  soon set up a strong virtual  presence eventually . Your URL will be  considered as ordinary and it won’t grab eyeballs. Soon your customers will weary and will find no way to return to your page again although they want to.

Keyphrases Vs Organization Name

Although,  a  lot of digital marketers believe that putting keywords or keyphrases in the URLs can  give your page a “SEO” boost,  it’s  completely an  incorrect concept. Rather, you need to keep the URL brief and simple for the users’, so that they can  easisy find your weblink at just one go. In case you are operating several products or services from the same company, it would  be difficult for you to put  separate keywords for all the  products you sell . Compared with this, if you just include your business name, it will clearly  communicate your company’s objective and product to the target audience.

However, it’s important tofocus on making the url name  attractiave. It should perfectly  represent your business and  products and give your consumers a reason to relate your company’s name with the products. It will ideally have an emotional effect on the consumer. Otherwise, you can’t reap the fruits of success even after spending a lot for Domain name or URL.

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