Importance Of Collection Of Customer Data Points

Importance Of Collection Of Customer Data Points
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images (23)Massive data has been an issue of concern for the marketing and sales industry greatly, but for small scale businesses, this concern is hardly of any relevance. Is there any advantage of making use of even big data when they hardly have any leverage the almost obtainable customer information points? If a report was to be believed, 57% of marketers feel that they actually are missing relevant data points that could be potential of providing a more profound view about their customer while 30% believe that they are missing on something but do not realize at all what it is that they are missing.

As you are an entrepreneur, you probably might have begun the process of gathering data related to your customers based on demographics like age, gender, location, etc. What is it that can be added to this list? Here is a list of few easily obtainable data points to give you a kick start:

Names: This could sound too weird, but astonishingly, large number of businesses terribly fails to gather the names of the prospects with whom they interact because of their presence over the internet. In many situations, names may not be collected via email forms or forms of lead generation because of the common belief that you are sure to get lesser form completions when there are more fields to be filled in. when this belief is accurate, you cannot compromise on names. Obtaining this information will allow you to personalize your marketing communications that you generally use, thus, help you in more conversion rate in the long run.

Web pages that have been viewed: Your website will be viewed mostly if your web pages have everything from top-selling products information, to more specific case studies, to even lead generation forms. If you get to know that an online user is spending most of his/her time going through the information available on your website before moving to your lead generation form, you can conclude that this particular user is sure to convert than the person who just navigates on your website and then moves out. Once you get to understand the study pattern of their time being spent on your website, you can actually conduct a follow up with this information to provide them that suits their particular willingness to make a purchase.

images (22)Conversions forms which are completed: Understand the type of form customers have opted to complete because this will help you obtain information on how interested that lead is. Your website probably might have several conversion forms based on your individual offerings. But if a customer has filled many of your product-oriented forms and not opted to fill the more detailed forms, it probably is an indication that your marketing funnel is not too persuasive to move the customers to the next level.

Maintain your presence in the social media: An important customer data point gathering way is social-media activities as it can help you obtain huge amount of penetration into the areas that your followers find interesting. If you happen to receive more number of comments than on your competitor’s posts, you can actually make use of such information to make sure that you post useful content on your social profiles and even on your web space.

It might be time-consuming to gather customer data points but is sure to be worthwhile in the long run.

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