10 Search Engines That You Should Target To Promote Your Blog In 2014

10 Search Engines That You Should Target To Promote Your Blog In 2014
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SEOs play a vital role in making you be the attributed choice for the potential internet users. If you possess a developing business then the need of better posting of blogs usually occurs that helps you drive maximum traffic as in the form of customers online. There are numerous of search engines to fulfill your requirement of getting acquainted to the keen customers. Here is the list of 10 search engines that you should target to promote your blog in 2014. Besides the famous Google and Bing there are so many SEOs that are serving millions of people every second.

  1. Google.com: – no further introduction is required as it is the best renowned and accessible to everyone. It has attained the number one position in the list that has a stunning difference from the second in the list Bing. This site is the undisputed king among all others. Google can be called as the most relevant, fastest and the largest single catalogue for numerous web pages present nowadays. You can just try Google maps, pictures and other features as well to meet your quest anytime, anywhere and especially to promote your commerce on a global level.google
  2. DuckDuckGo.com: –earlier people thought this to be like Google. But there are certain features that make it a Spartan itself. The slick features include “zero clicks” information. This implies that all your results are present on first page. Offering disambiguation prompts is yet another feature of DuckDuckGo. It helps
    you clarify what you are really asking. The spam ads are less than any other site. Enjoy clean and simple searching with this site.doDuck
  3. Ask.com: – this has been a long time name in the World Wide Web as its super clean interface rivals all other renowned search engines in the web world. You can have the better search options here too just like Google, Bing or any other. Its results grouping make people speak about it. A neat and simple presentation is unarguably maintained and attains you tranquil searching.ask
  4. Bing.com: –it is the most unseated name earlier and used to be known as MSN search engine until it got updated in 2009. It is called as a decision engine providing your suggestions for your search on the leftmost column. Alongside you get other options to look for on the top as well. it has the quality to make you say worth trying.Bing
  5. Yippy.com(formerly ‘Clusty’):- this is a deep web engine that helps you locate other search engines. The deep web pages are pretty harder to locate that is being done magnificently at Clusty.com. For the need of searching obscure blogs, tools, news, academic or any other then yippy is your tool.Yippy
  6. Webopedia.com: –to make a search for the techno terminology and computer definitions this provides the encyclopedic research. It usually helps the non-technical people to understand the technical terms.webopedia
  7. Yahoo.com!:- it possesses several things to offer. It helps you as a search engine,a travel directory, as a news aggregator, horoscope, game, an email box, shopping center, and many more. For the internet beginners it is a very helpful choice.yahoo
  8. Dogpile.com: – earlier it used to be a preferred choice. But time has changed and it has started growing its index with a better comeback.dogpile
  9. Mahalo.com: – you can go for regular searching along with asking questions. The search totally depends upon you but getting quality content is for sure.Mahalo
  10. Internet Archive: –this is the destination for the longtime web lover. It takes you in the past by providing snapshots of entire World Wide Web.Internet-Archive

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