Should We Be De-Prioritizing Engagements in 2022?

Should We Be De-Prioritizing Engagements in 2022?
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That’s an odd headline, is not it? Following all, engagements are the cornerstone of social media advertising. Why on earth would we want to de-prioritize them in our plans in the yr in advance?

Make it possible for me to make the case.

But very first, let me remind you of the backdrop. Social media is not the very same room as it was when I obtained started off in this enterprise in 2009. Again then, engagements had been almost everything. Twitter chats have been well-known (all engagements). Facebook posts would have hundreds of remarks with lively discussions going on in the threads. Engagements have been the focus–no question.

But considering the fact that then, a great deal has transformed. Makes focused on using social to sell. Marketing has taken in excess of. And, several people are just plain worn out of “engaging” on social, for a wide variety of explanations.

So, with that backdrop, here are 3 motives I feel you may want to believe long-and-difficult about de-prioritizing engagements as aspect of our social media technique in 2022:

1: People’s behaviors have improved on the major social media networks

Let us just just take Twitter, as an case in point. Pew recently experienced some really exciting investigation which illuminates this issue precisely. For starters, most individuals on Twitter are not tweeting a whole lot, and aren’t seeing any likes or retweets on the couple of tweets they do share.

Translation: Most folks on Twitter are lurking. Especially they are looking for information and facts to take in or they’re looking to be entertained–Pew’s investigation found precisely that in its recent report.

Base line: Most people today aren’t going to Twitter to interact. They’re going to get facts or to be entertained.

2: Engagements commonly = likes

In 2021, I have finished a number of social media audits. And just one consistent theme in most of all those audits has been that engagements are Extremely significant on likes. In other words, manufacturers are not viewing as lots of opinions and shares as they would like. Engagement has develop into all about likes. And that’t not wonderful thinking about the like is, by far, the most passive sort of engagement. Feel about your very own behaviors on social–what kinds of issues do you give a “like” to? If you’re like most men and women, heaps of factors! Nevertheless, how frequently do you comment or share a submit? Possibly not that much. That is the more substantial trend–and that’s a major section of why I imagine we really should all get a nearer glimpse at our engagement figures. At the really minimum, we need to probably be separating out engagements by likes, responses and shares, or providing them pounds (1 position for a like, 3 for a remark and 5 for a share). This would support us get a superior search at what significant engagement appears to be like like.

3: In a lot of situations, brands aren’t even engaging back again!

I have been chatting about this for years–the development of makes posting content material on social networks, receiving responses from supporters/buyers/prospective buyers and then not responding or acknowledging people comments. Believe that me, it’s far additional widespread than you could possibly consider! If we, as models, aren’t heading to get the time to prioritize participating back again with enthusiasts when they just take the time to engage with us, what’s the issue? To me, it appears to be like manufacturers are just chasing engagements–they’re not truly fascinated in talking to consumers and potential customers.

Let’s choose a appear at McDonald’s on LinkedIn. Huge business, correct? Engagement is definitely a priority for them on all social networks. But, here’s a well known submit they designed lately with practically 40 comments–none of which were being acknowledged or responded to from the McD’s crew:

Here’s a glimpse at just a few of the feedback that have went un-responded to.

Not only did McD’s not respond–they did not even “like” these responses! And most of these were optimistic feedback from enthusiasts, staff members and previous staff members.

All over again, I could give you many examples of this–McDonald’s is not by itself.

So, possibly it does make feeling to de-prioritize engagements for 2022 supplied all this, proper? Once more, not declaring you transfer away from tracking and measuring engagements altogether, but if you are seeing the similar signals I outlined above in your sector, it might make sense to rethink your objectives and KPIs from a social media marketing and advertising point of view.

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