Make Email Marketing Mobile-Friendly

Make Email Marketing Mobile-Friendly

images (8)Busy doing important things in life you might have missed out few important things about Mobile. It’s not hidden that nearly four out every ten holds a smartphone with all advanced features. No doubt email is one of the top activity on smartphones and is one of the most preferred options ahead of other social sites like Facebook, Twitter or general browsing. Email marketing is one of the most preferred ways of marketing as messages sent through mails have a huge opportunity of being viewed by readers at least once as it is one of the features that is easily accessible on smartphones. Email marketing is on the verge up of conquering mobile revolution. Still there are mails which are not optimized for mobile interaction or viewing. There are drawbacks to it like screen is small, buttons are small too which makes it all clunky while enlarging the screen to view the entire mail. Here we share few tips to make sure that your email campaign is optimized for a perfect mobile view as laptops, tabs are secondary in this world and only mobile-friendly marketing is the laze.

Gain Subscribers trust – Sender of the email is equally important as the content of the mail is. While scanning the inbox one looks for the sender of the email at first instance and if one founds the sender unfamiliar they are less likely to view the mail and read message irrespective how important is that for both sender and receiver. Earning that trust which makes the reader to open your mail is something that can be earned via social media, through traditional channels etc.

Think of appealing subject lines – The “from Name” is followed by the subject line. Your audience may or may not you but if your subject line is appealing, catchy then they are likely to open your mail and have a look. Subject line creates a difference between open, delete and ignore, it’s you who have to decide what you want.

Pre-header develops interest – Also referred as Snippet Test, pre-headers is what is quoted just above header image. On mobiles it is the first thing that become viewable. Instead of boring pre-headers like “To view this email”, go for some unique pre-headers like humour, action, classics etc.

Call to proceed with action – An important step for all emails. Always remember to make it bold, obvious and all big when it comes to call to action. Subscribers won’t wait for your call to start on action and many a times smaller links are difficult to access and click on smartphones so your call to action can make all difference.

Go for RED (Responsive Email Design) – User experience is always optimized regardless of revolutions happening around. But creating a RED email will take it to next level and help picking up the cream from skim.

images (7)Include images – All smartphones have images enabling apps by default. So using an image in your email marketing may make it more appealing and may gasp reader’s interest. No matter how important is image in your mail, try and add at least one image which is compatible with the content as it matters and create difference.

Unsubscribe button option should be best underlined– With all new mobile devices, it is important to consider where you should keep your unsubscribe link. I’ve seen that unsubscribe link too often is placed close to “call to action”. Remember one wrong move while cruising through web/ email can make you lose one of the loyal subscribers.

Follow all above practices as soon it will be smartphone world. Remember best practices should always be best for your subscribers.

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