Do’s and Don’ts of Local SEO Practice

Do’s and Don’ts of Local SEO Practice
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local-seo1The major presence and influence of smart phones in today’s world has resulted in making the system of local SEO more important than ever. However, through simple search engine optimization techniques one’s online ranking can be improved and often at free of cost. There are a host of signals that are known to have an influence on the rankings of local SEO.

  • Place and page signals –This includes keywords used in business title, proximity and different categories
  • Review Signals – This include review velocity, quantity and diversity
  • External Loc. Signals – This includes citation volume and NAP consistency
  • On-page signals – This includes keywords in title, NAP presence and Domain authority.
  • Link signals – This includes authority in linking domain, inbound anchor and quality of the linking domain.
  • Social Signals – This includes Twitter followers, likes in Facebook page and authority in Google+
  • Mobile and Behavioral signals – This includes clickthrough rates, offers and checkins and numbers of mobile clicks converted to calls.

The above contributing signal to SEO rankings has been found out by Moz 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors survey and these factors gives a greater understanding of what works and what don’t in the local SEO practice.

Now let’s look at the dos of Local SEO-

  • Optimization of local pages can be done by including the brand name in the title tag of the page. It is a great way to target the keyword as well as the place. The same can be done by using it is the Meta description as well in the footer for further reference.
  • It’s crucial to have Google+ pages or Google place pages for every local business location as Google can place it help in prominent position when free listing appears for the relevant search results.
  • One must ensure that NAP listing, on-page address and citations are always consistent.  NAP citation which is name, address, and phone number is very important for Local SEO rankings and provide value to the links.
  • Schema can be used to markup a particular address. offers an array of html tags that can be used by sites to mark up pages which helps search engines to easily recognize them. Placing schemas ensures that the address and place data is can be used in a search friendly format.
  • Encouraging customers to leave reviews is a smart way to improve one’s ranking and achieve more click through results.
  • Use social networking sites to optimize the personalized search results. Upload images, links to the website and others related information on the product and thus can generate greater interest of customer. It will help in better search engine results.

Now let’s look at the don’ts of Local SEO-

  • Never have copied on spammy information, on the Google or local pages, it looks awful and hampers the image of the product.
  • Never have paid reviews, it shows and ultimately creates a doubt in customer’s mind.
  • Never build Google pages which do not have an actual physical address.

Never ever, compromise on your online reputation and the only way to achieve this is through great customer service.

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