LinkedIn is moving out native video ads for Company Pages

LinkedIn is moving out native video ads for Company Pages
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Inside a move that’s probably inevitable, LinkedIn is introducing video advertising as one it’s Sponsored Content formats.

Although my LinkedIn newsfeed already includes lots of videos, Abhishek Shrivastava, director of product for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, explained for advertisers, the best way to incorporate videos was to connect to other websites. Now, the Microsoft -owned professional network has created a local ad format, where video ads can look as standalone posts within the feed.

The video ads can play automatically, though using the sound switched off initially.

Other social systems introduced video advertising years back, but LinkedIn is really a different environment – Shrivastava touted this in an effort to bring “sight, sound and motion” to business marketers, as the company announcement declares the business is going “all in on B2B video.”

Shrivastava added that although most videos are noticed as perfect for “top from the funnel” marketing (i.e., building awareness, instead of sealing the offer), LinkedIn’s Video for Sponsored Content is made to work “across the funnel.”


So yes, the videos could be made to build brand awareness, but they may also point straight to the advertisers’ desktop or mobile website, or perhaps be used to collect leads. Plus they can incorporate LinkedIn’s ad targeting and conversion tracking capabilities.

LinkedIn says it’s been testing the format using more than 700 advertisers since October, leading to engagement times which are nearly 3 times more than those for normal Sponsored Content.

As well as the video ads, LinkedIn can also be introducing the ability for businesses to incorporate native video on their Company Pages – so a business that’s hiring might highlight a video regarding their culture and workplace.

Linkedin says it’ll be rolling out these capabilities to any or all businesses within the next couple weeks.

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