MOZ Open Site Explorer Adds Spam Analysis for Risky Links

MOZ Open Site Explorer Adds Spam Analysis for Risky Links
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Are you not very happy about your site’s ranking? Probably there’s a multitude of low-quality links backing your site. MOZ, the very well-known software company has come up with an astonishing new SEO Tool for the purpose of spam analysis. The section can be viewed under the link analysis toolset of the Open Site Explorer. Wondering whether it is available for all and sundry? Certainly not as the privilege is only available for the paid MOZ users!

Do you know about Well, if yes then understanding the new spam analysis feature would be easier than thought. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritties of before reckoning the importance of ‘Spam Analysis’ in the MOZ Open Site Explorer.

Spam Analysis for MOZ Open Site Explorer


How can one possibly reckon risky links if it wasn’t for a software doing the job? Well, the whole new concept of ‘Spam Analysis’ is innovated for the purpose of documenting and revealing risky links backing your site. The tool even tracks down the penalty prone links that are all set to bring your site’s ranking to the bottom.

Other than providing great SEO solution, are you wondering in what other ways is the tool cutting-edge? Well, it even assists in uploading a disavow file to Google for a safer biz. Are you in a bit of pickle for not knowing much about the disavow file or link support? Well, here’s a limelight into the subject.

Disavow Files:

Often a few webmasters put up with serious penalties for shopping links that are far from Google’s legitimate policies. These are a violation indeed and can lead to serious outcomes in the site’s Search Engine ranking. Link’s Disavowal tool is Google’s very new introduction. It allows publishers to inform Google about barring the counts of a couple of links from external sites that might bring the ranking of the site down and surely falls under the category of ‘Google Violation Links’.

More about Spam Analysis:


Spam Analysis in MOZ open explorer is very advanced. It puts 17 new types of spam distinguishers to keep a track of the risky links. Wondering what are flags? In a nutshell, flags are better known as classification. For example:

  1. If a site comes with a slackened mozTrust but a higher mozRank, it is bound to be a spam.
  2. If a site is backed by a colossal number of foreign links from a limited number of domains, the site is surely a spam and so on…….




Search Engine Optimization is what sets your site apart from others in the racket. Higher your ranking better is your business. All sites are backed by a host of links, often referred as ‘Backlinks’. What’s imperative is to get hands on the best of healthy and strong links for your site or else it’s bound to be a huge bummer. LinkResearchTools.Com is your A1 link building solution. The tool not just caters to your site’s link requirements; it successfully monitors trafficking and negative SEO in the competitive market.

What’s most impressive about this amazing tool is that it provides best-in-class link-detox and link-boost Google Penalty Solution. Other than this, the software audits and keeps a check on the website. In case of poor links, it helps recover those links, often termed as ‘Link Reclamation’. The tool even assimilates with Google Webmaster Tools for even better results.

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