5 Common Link Building Mistakes

5 Common Link Building Mistakes
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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the of many elements of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that directly targets the personal and individual interest of a person by use of Search Engines. It is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Typically, the earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

In SEO, link building is one of the key elements that boost a websites ranking in any search engine. This is done by either article marketing (such as tools that may help others), blogging, blog commenting, forum posting (by use of signatures), link exchange or reciprocal linking, PPC (Pay Per Click), news and syndication, directories, social bookmarking networks, and RSS feed directories.

These techniques, strategies, or tactics are, however, subjected to some extent of rules that overall perceives the weight that search engines put on links. One of the rules that search engines use on determining the weight of the link is by its relevance, which is also considered as a “Divine” rule that professional SEO companies are currently following for the success of their SEO campaigns. Though as professional as they are, mistakes are still a big problem that different SEO companies face in link building. Here are some of the mistakes that some professional SEO companies make.

Broken Link Building Mistake

Linking on Unrelated Pages

As with the “Divine” rule of link building, SEO companies may sometimes, mistakenly, link to a page or a website that is irrelevant to their own. Relevance, as the rule goes, is one of the most important guideline that SEO companies should follow. Violating this one rule may risk a website to be banned indefinitely by a search engine, for this type of link building is commonly called as link farming or “Spamdexing”, a punishable act of black hat SEO.

In link building, especially with link exchange or reciprocal link, the linking page should be relevant to what a website does, for example: A website is about sports that features the latest news in basketball, baseball, soccer, football, or any other sports. The links that should be linking to this website should fall under the same category such as a website that mainly sells sports-wear or sports magazine, or a website that features funny and hilarious moments within sports, or a website that has the same service, featuring the latest news about sports. Linking a page about art is a clear mistake could risk a website’s reputation in search engines. Visit an online SEO Philippines site to learn more about SEO strategies and techniques.

Improper Naming of Links

Links containing “Click Here”, “Contact Us”, “About Us”, “Read More”, etc, are an indirect mistake that SEO companies usually make. Though it makes it simpler for the humans, search engine spiders wouldn’t know what that would be. Professional SEO companies with years of experience can even make the same mistake as those of the beginner or intermediate level.

The proper, more successful, way of setting up a link is using the keywords as anchor texts such as the simple “About Us” anchor text. Apart from writing “About Us”, one can simple add a keyword into it like, “About Football News” or “Read More about Basketball”. By adding a keyword, humans along with search engines can benefit from it. Take on a tour with an SEO Philippines site to learn more about how SEO can provide successful internet marketing.

Linking on High PR Sites with High Number of Links

Though linking with a high PR site with hundreds of outgoing links is a prominent thought, it could still be an unwise decision that could lead to some punishable mistake. As far as we all know, that site could be a link farm. And by linking directly to it, a website can be penalized for it.

Links on Dynamic Pages

Dynamic pages change and take a long time to get indexed, hence, they ultimately won’t help you with your page rank. You will know a dynamic page if its URL includes special symbols such as &, ? and others.

Links on Uncrawlable Pages

Uncrawlable pages are those that are generated by mainly using Flash or JavaScript. These kinds of pages are those that search cannot read which makes it Uncrawlable. Also, links within frames are ignored by search engines. Get to know more about SEO and the procedures involved in it by visiting an online SEO Indian site.

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