Obtain Valuable Marketing Data Through Google’s All New “Paid And Search” Reports

Obtain Valuable Marketing Data Through Google’s All New “Paid And Search” Reports
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images (14)Website’s growth and promotion is extremely important. If you use Google Adwords program for your company’s advertisement, you surely will pay due consideration to the search giant’s recent results introduced. Although the name is “Paid & Search” report, it absolutely offers relevant information for your business that can be valuable and even worth taking action according to the marketing data obtained so that you can create some effective strategies for promotion of your website.

The report integrates two sets of data that already had been in existence with Google programs to allow users to acquire a better understanding of their presence in the paid results of the engine. By blending the paid ad made available through the Adwords program with the related search presence information that can be found in Webmaster Tools, webmaster can provide a wide range of different results of the effectiveness of their current efforts related to web marketing.

To arrange ads, identify the missed chances: If you advertise your business with Google Adwords, you are guaranteed that your ads will appear only in the results for a specific set f keywords on which you bid sufficiently per-click to earn a place in the blocks of the paid advertisement. While you are busy perfecting of researching and rediscovering your keywords, chances are more for you to miss out the potential important phrases. By closely analyzing the Paid & Search data report, businesses can easily identify those phrases for which they have their original search notions without any ads. To improve performance in original search results and in pay-per-click ads, Google’s published previous research data indicates clearly “those clicks through rates of ads with associated organic search results are higher” could actually give you some new opportunities.

Unveil highly valuable keyword phrases: if you successfully advertise your company for a given set of keywords but is not receiving the expected traffic from the same search box, then such a situation actually calls for search engine optimization (SEO) on priority.

images (15)Improvise your website and PPC operations results: In order to monitor the effectiveness of the adjustments and changes made in the website for PPC campaigns, getting this data listed can prove to be highly beneficial.

The extent of the usefulness of this report is to be seen. Some perceive it to be Google’s another market grabbing strategy while some are concerned about the accuracy of the provided data.

Campaign analysis can become easier for marketers by having both the sets of data listed adjacently. Google itself has mentioned some of these concerns saying that having a paid & original report is extremely useful to understand the close relation between both of them.

Paid & Search report is highly valuable but as long as these concerns are paid some due considerations, this new feature remains balanced and potential to provide webmasters with relevant and rich data that can be used to improve the natural and PPC campaigns outcome.

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