Learn How to Use Google Analytics

Learn How to Use Google Analytics
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20130130-chrome-developer-tHaving a website is the most important part when you own an online business. But, knowing the performance of your website in the global marketplace in a given time frame is far more important. For this purpose, knowing the proper use of Google Analytics is required. But, a lot of digital marketers are still unaware of how to use Google Analytics. If you know how to use it, you can decipher yours site’s popularity, track your visitors, their geographical source as well as the bounce rate. For all these, you need to know how to add Google Analytics in your website.

Many a times, even after having Google Analytics tool in the website, people cannot use it properly. Here’s a step-by step guide about the perfect way of Google Analytics.

Audience analysis: Here, you can get a detailed report of your target audience. With a Google analytics tool, you can detect the location of your visitors, their spoken language as well as their behavior. Accordingly, you will know if you need to incorporate the option of translation in your site. Regarding the behavior of audience, you will know how long they are staying at your page and which of the pages are getting maximum visitors.

Using Google Analytics Tool allows you to know about the device, operating system, and network the visitors are using to access your website. It helps you to ascertain whether your website is mobile-friendly and if you are getting adequate traffic.

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AdWords and Analytics Integration: AdWords-Analytics Integration is very much related with the promotion of your website. Statistics show that nothing is more effective as promotional initiatives than using AdWords. If you know how to use Google Analytics and AdWords campaigns, you can form an idea about the keywords drawing more traffic. The more you have an idea, the more you can incorporate appropriate keyword to your site, which in turn will maximize the chances of your conversion rate.

Determining Traffic Sources- An in-depth knowledge about how to use Google Analytics will also help you to determine your traffic sources. You can know, whether the traffic is coming from referral site, from organic search engine results, or just direct traffic.

Optimizing Site for search Engine: Web analytics tool also helps optimizing your site for search engine. It will help you to know which pages are popular and are getting clickthroughs to your site in the search engine.

Conversions: Measuring the conversion rate of the site is the most important thing to make your online business successful. The contribution of Google Analytics is important in this respect. While using the conversion tab of Google Analytics, you can preset your objectives, which are important to realize your conversions goals. For example, you are making an email campaign to know which pages are actually getting highest signups. For that purpose, you need to create an email list. If you know how to use Google Analytics, you can ascertain your visitors’ progress right from the start. It will certainly help you evaluate if you are gaining traffics or losing it.

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