Improve your Rankings with Google Plus

Improve your Rankings with Google Plus
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google-+1If you own an online business, obviously enough you want to see yourself at the top of the Google’s search engine results. Isn’t it? But, do you think it’ that easy? No. You need to make real efforts to make this happen and Google Plus has surely a lot to do a lot in this regard. With its amazing effects experts have already started debating over whether Google+ has the power to bring your website on the top. But one thing is clear: Google+ is certainly making worthwhile contribution in getting your site on the top. Here are some ways that can help you increase your ranks with Google plus.


Google plus Gets you More Followers

Here you need to keep in mind that social networking is a matter of quality versus quantity. And Google plus is diligently playing the role of connecting business with quality prospects instead of going quantitatively. Using Google + for search ranking benefits is certainly a great way and you will get a desired amount of quality followers (traffic) for your business. Here is an example: Say you have a personal profile as a “freelance writer” in Google+ and you have your own website as well. If you link that website with your Google+ account, So, when people search for that keyword, your portfolio site will certainly come up at higher ranks and you will get a volume of readymade traffic from your Google plus account.

Google-authorship-2014Set Up Authorship With Your Personal Profile

Lately Google+ has introduced several offers where you can effectively stand out in the search results by claiming your credit (authorship) for the articles you have written. It will help you create your own niche and at the same time help you grab a good position in the search results, even when your visitors are not logged into Google plus. See the below example, to have a deeper insight.

Say someone has logged into Google+, and once they log in various options to add to their circles will come. One of them will be about adding the favourite author to their circles directly from search results. So, if you are writing about a specific niche, your target audience will definitely come across a post with your name displayed on it. By doing this, you will win over quite a volume of followers as well as quality traffic for your site. What’s more! Google Plus also allows to link up your content with your personal profile over there.

Promote +1

+1, a button recently launched by Google is, according to the SMO and SEO experts, a powerful alternative to the Facebook “Like” button. This is because the number of +1′s a page gets will show up in search results, even if a searcher is not logged into Google+. However, this works a bit differently. Say, you are looking for something, you do not know much about. It can be blogging platform or anything else. So, from your point of view what from this platform will actually look more interesting? Obviously, the one coming up with +1 button. So, the best you can do to increase your SEO ranking is to install a +1 button code from Google and install it on both your individual pages and your main home page. It’s more like a social proof that search engines like Google will notice right away.

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