6 Queries for Andrew Levine of Koinos Group – Cointelegraph Magazine

6 Queries for Andrew Levine of Koinos Group – Cointelegraph Magazine
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We request the buidlers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector for their feelings on the industry… and throw in a couple of random zingers to keep them on their toes!


This week, our 6 Queries go to Andrew Levine, CEO of Koinos Team, which is targeted on accelerating the changeover to a a lot more decentralized potential by encouraging entrepreneurial developers, business owners and enterprises build disruptive blockchain-centered alternatives.


Andrew qualified prospects a crew of field veterans accelerating decentralization through available blockchain technologies. Their foundational solution is Koinos, a feeless blockchain with infinite upgradeability and a proof-of-burn up consensus.


1 — What variety of consolidation do you hope to see in the crypto industry in 2022?

There are way too many standard-function blockchains that are proficiently competing with Ethereum (and one yet another) in a race to the base on expenses. Only so numerous of them can survive.


2 — If the globe is obtaining a new forex, will it be led by CBDCs, a permissionless blockchain like Bitcoin, or a permissioned chain these kinds of as Diem?

CBDCs, in the eyes of a lot of, will mix the greatest of both of those worlds: the web-nativeness of cryptocurrencies and the self-confidence of state-backed belongings (and their military could). If the planet is likely to get just one currency, then the odds are it will be a point out-backed currency (a CBDC). If the globe is likely to get quite a few currencies, then men and women will have a lot of alternatives on the spectrum in between permissionless and permissioned.


3 — Do you subscribe to the concept of Bitcoin as a implies of payment, as a retailer-of-price, as both… or as neither?

I do not. It is the on-ramp into the crypto economy as a end result of its age and the depth of its marketplaces, and it is the flight-to-basic safety asset men and women use when they lose self esteem in additional speculative crypto belongings.


4 — Does it make a difference if we ever determine out who Satoshi seriously is or was? Why, or why not?

It does not. He’s just some human who assembled a bunch of existing suggestions into an modern solution.


5 — Do you think governments will consider and destroy crypto?

No. There is much too substantially tax profits potential.


6 — If you did not require snooze, what would you do with the more time?

I’d devote much more time with my little one.


A desire for the youthful, formidable blockchain neighborhood:

Emphasis on generating true price.

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