6 elements of a powerful blog

6 elements of a powerful blog
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Blog-writing can make you money. But not all blogs are profitable. Some blog to be famous (well, on the Internet), some to be cool, and then there are others who are looking for serious cash. Managing a blog is not difficult if you’re disciplined and strike the right balance between what interests you and what interests your readers. Here are six elements that will keep your readers glued to your blog:

1) Create a niche for your blog

When you start writing for your blog, you need to write on a subject that interests you. There’s no point in starting a business blog when what really interests you is music. Remember, you have to be original. Everybody can Google and write something that’s already been done. When they say “content is king”, they mean that the content has to be original and interesting. For example: If you’re really into music and you start a blog, you would look up for unheard bands and artists and post about them on your blog. However, if you start a blog on music but don’t have any interest, you would post about musicians who have already been heard, which basically means that your blog would not be of interest to your viewers.


2) Use photos

Unarguably, photos can light up a blog. Text is boring without photographs. After all, great visuals can shock, awe, create interest, and, of course, hook people to your blog. Photos, apart from attracting more hits on your blog, will lift it up visually. So, if you’re writing a blog, do remember to think of visuals that can accompany the text. With pictures, we don’t mean run-of-the-mill stuff, we mean visuals that grab eyeballs.


3) Social media

You might despise people who spend hours on Facebook, but you cannot deny the power that social media wields in this age of Internet. You can use social media to your advantage when it comes to blog-writing. The first step is to ensure that you have enough followers for your blog on social-media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Once you have enough followers, all you need to do is promote what you have posted on your blog; Promoting your posts on websites like Facebook and Twitter will get you quite a number of hits.


4) Be aware: technologically, socially

When you’re writing a blog, you need to know what is trending. It is a must-know. Go to Twitter and check what is trending and write a blog on the subject. For example, if Obama is trending on Twitter and you have a fashion blog, write a blog on the top-10 fashion goof-ups by Obama. Trust us when we say it will work. Within minutes, your blog will have a few hundred hits. Also, keep a tab on the latest blogging tools and learn how to use them to your advantage.


5) Use videos

Videos attract viewers and keep them glued to a blog for a longer time. Videos that are shocking, heart-rending, and a hit on YouTube will get you followers. All you need to do is write a brief description about the videos and, if required, your opinion. The thing about videos is that they don’t involve much work and won’t take up too much of your time, but at the same time they will do much better than text blogs.


6) Post regularly

You need to post regularly when it comes top keeping a blog. A blog is of no use if you just post once in a month. Make it a habit to post at least twice on your blog. But do remember not to compromise on quality. People don’t want to read things that are boring. To begin with, you can set a target of posting at least once in a day. And, if your blog starts picking up followers, you can increase it to two and then three.


These are six things that will help you maintain a blog that would be a hit. All the be

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