Best Email Marketing for Shopify The Ultimate Guide 2023

Email Marketing has existed forever because the 1970s, and also the first commercial email was submitted in 1978! And also, since then, Shopify e-mail marketing continues to be among the best media for marketers to construct nurture their clients, and generate leads. It’s the entire greater fundamental to give importance to Shopify email marketing.

In 2020, around 306 billion emails were sent and received every single day all over the world, as well as in 2025, it’s forecasted to maneuver to 376 billion! Not just that, the general quantity of email users is roughly 4 billion and it will grow! Thus, there’s a lot more possibility of Shopify e-mail marketing than a single may think!

What Is Shopify Email Marketing?

Shopify Email marketing is if you select e-mail marketing among most of your channels for marketing through email promotions. You can begin carrying this out when prospective customers that go to your website opt-in to get communications out of your brand via emails.

It’s a funnel for marketing where one can create awareness and improve customer loyalty by emailing your mailing lists at regular times without spamming them. There are many strategies on how to do Shopify email marketing effectively and efficiently!

This informative guide can help you know everything concerning the e-mail marketing platform for Shopify and the best way to optimize it towards wholesome Shopify e-mail marketing.

Applying this ultimate guide for Shopify e-mail marketing, become familiar with how you can Increase your lead generation, click-through, and conversions Send targeted Shopify automated emails and much more!

Are you ready to crack Shopify email marketing? Click the subheading in the Table of Contents to skip to its content!

Why Is Shopify Email Marketing Important?

This is really a much-considered one out of the milieu of promoting to the stage it is something self-apparent!

E-mail marketing plays a vital role if you’re a Shopify store owner or any eCommerce store owner because they are personal, budget-friendly, and direct. That’s it! It’s easy. Still, thinking it’s not that important? Allow me to explain why it is crucial at length!

It’s Personal

Shopify e-mail marketing enables you to definitely achieve anybody directly through their inbox, unlike Social internet marketing. Additionally, it provides the feeling the brand is in constant touch together and you haven’t forgotten your customer.

Your email may be as simple as “Hey there! Happy Birthday, love! Here’s a promotion code to celebrate your birthday.” It’s still seen as a valuable email as the brand remembers its birthday and boosts your brand image and engagement together with your audience.

It’s Affordable

Moving forward, the following best factor about e-mail marketing could be reasonable. Most Email marketing software supplies a free trial offer for approximately a particular period. This won’t help you to get familiar with accustomed to its features, but you can begin delivering emails immediately to improve your achievement and Return on investment. After your free trial offer ends, their prices continue to be cheaper when compared with other marketing channels?

In addition, email marketing gives you the highest ROI – for every dollar spent on it, you get $ 44 in return!

It’s On Point!

Email is your best bet when it comes to reaching your target audience directly.


It’s due to the highly effective segmentation features the majority of the e-mail marketing software provides. Segmentation allows you to avoid spamming people and enables you to definitely send emails they really decide to get! For this reason, 64% of consumers prefer emails over other communications.

If a person has enrolled in your emails, then it’s understood that they would like to know what you think. So here’s where you have to optimize your Shopify e-mail marketing strategies and retain your subscribers whenever possible. Should you provide your subscribers with the right information and incentives, explore only to gain their trust, but they’ll become the perfect brand ambassadors.

It’s Consistent

Social Media marketing might seem very trendy and engaging, but it features a high-risk factor. Most social networking platforms change their formula constantly, this may affect your achievement, and often you may lose your supporters within days.

However, there’s no such formula that you should be worried about with e-mail marketing. And also to place it precisely, you aren’t subject to third-party gatekeepers. It’s your personal address book, and also you be capable of leveraging them to your benefit. This will make Shopify’s e-mail marketing consistent.

It’s Data-driven

Shopify Email marketing app provides you with accessibility data around the performance of email promotions. For instance, you can observe the outdoor rate, click-through rate, rate of conversion, and unsubscribe rate.

Make use of these data to improve campaign performance regularly!

For example, would you visit a less open rate? Focus on your email subject lines using A/B testing. Would you visit a low click-through rate? Focus on personalizing your CTAs. Would you visit a low rate of conversion? Focus on the efficiency of the squeeze pages. Would you visit a high remove yourself from the list rate? Evaluate the regularity of the emails.

The solutions are available, and they’re very obvious, without any room for doubt. It can make things simpler for you personally, and you may focus on perfecting your email strategies!

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Shopify Email Marketing Challenges

There are several challenges to best email marketing for Shopify that people would like you to be prepared for. And again, these challenges aren’t difficult to overcome you need to simply be aware of the right direction to pass through these hurdles seamlessly.

So these are some challenges that you might face:

  • Low email deliverability rates
  • Less open rates
  • High spam complaints
  • Low click-through rates
  • High unsubscriber rates

And now, let’s discuss how to combat these challenges to win the marketing battle!

Improve Email Deliverability Rates

Low email deliverability is caused because of two primary reasons: your email visited the junk e-mail folder, or even the Internet Service Provider blocked the emails.

Take it easy. Fortunately, there are a handful of methods for you to make certain that this can be avoided scenario.

1. Double Opt-in Process

Make certain that you simply send emails to those who have agreed to be on your email subscribers list. This plays a substantial role in your deliverability rate, and you ought to require this gently. Make sure that your list is filled with engaged users.

To get this done, stick to the double opt-in process!

This is actually the ideal type of getting people’s consent to enroll in your emails, as it arrives with another action in the potential subscriber to verify their subscription for your emails.

You can do this in lots of ways: you should use the “click the hyperlink to confirm” method or keep these things past a URL within the browser or perhaps check a reCAPTCHA box after filling out our sign-up form, etc.

2. Send valuable emails

Never stress about the internet Company blocking your emails. Concentrate on the recipients. Think around the lines of the items emails could be considered valuable.

Place your effort into ensuring your email recipients are pleased to get your emails. The ISP will instantly not trouble your deliverability rate because the ISPs’ target may be the finished user’s comfort!

3. Set an email preference center

When you are your potential email subscribers accept your emails, the following factor you could do is generate a preference center. You will find 3 types: a period-based preference center, a content-based preference center, along with a hybrid preference center. These can help you know how frequently a subscriber will enjoy getting your emails and what sort of content they may wish to read too!

This can be a win-win situation! You receive the right scenario where you’re able to understand your subscribers better, and thus more emails, as well as your subscribers are pleased too!

Improve Email Open Rates

Low open-minute rates are a universal problem; also it proves that the engagement rates are low. The very best reasons may be your subject line, preview text, and sender name.

This could be fixed with A/B testing your emails! Yes, commonplace in any Shopify e-mail marketing software program is the A/B testing feature. It enables you to definitely send emails with varied subject lines, preview text, and sender names to various teams of subscribers.

Later, you receive a set of outdoors rates for that emails which help to understand which labored and which didn’t- through its precise measurements. See which emails got you greater open rates, after which all you need to do is tailor your emails accordingly!

Reduce Spam Complaints

Junk e-mail complaints are disastrous for your Shopify e-mail marketing game. They may ruin the company image that you’re toiling to construct. And becoming 1 junk e-mail complaint from 1000 emails is completely normal, and anything above that’s considered high. Usually, a higher junk e-mail complaint rate produces a lower deliverability rate or perhaps the chance of being blocked through the ISP.

1. Double opt-in process

It will help improve your deliverability rate (as you can see before), and it may also help reduce junk e-mail complaints! This just proves its significance, so leverage this!

Another factor to bear in mind is, obviously off your address book every 12 several weeks or, better, keep these things double opt-in once every 6 several weeks. Older contacts inside your lists are what result in high junk e-mail complaints.

2. Give the ‘unsubscribe’ option

It’s usually easier to get unsubscribers than get junk e-mail complaints. So, never neglect to put the ‘unsubscribe’ option inside a prominent spot to reveal that the subscribers can choose to remove you from the list anytime they like. If you can’t give this, they’ll be made to mark your emails as junk e-mail.

3. Give a name to your sender email address

Never send emails from a ‘’ kind of email address. Instead, give a proper name to your email address. This will make it personal and increase brand engagement!

4. Relevancy is key

Only send relevant emails this won’t reduce junk e-mail complaints but additionally increase subscribers’ curiosity about your articles. Your articles should apply to the crowd, and also to send the best content right people, you have to concentrate on targeted email segmentation before you run Shopify email marketing campaigns.

Improve Click-Through Rates

Click-through rates measure the potency of your Shopify email strategies. For instance, clicking the CTA informs you that the subscribers are one step nearer to converting for your customers. So that they are as crucial just like any metrics.

To calculate the press-through rate, divide the number of unique clicks by the number of emails delivered after which multiply time by a hundred to obtain the percentage.

1. Clear CTAs

The CTA button is paramount for an email. It’s what completes the objective of your emails. But, with no obvious CTA button, the e-mail funnel will stay stagnant. So, produce a compelling Proactive Approach button that will nudge the client to click.

The information from the email should be built for the CTA. And thus, the copy within the CTA ought to be relevant and compelling for your audience. An ideal CTA ought to be well-thought-out. It ought to possess the right color, copy, style, size, and elegance.

Segment Your Audience with BayEngage

Personalize your emails and 10X your engagement by segmenting your contacts based on behavioral, transactional, and demographic data

2. Segment, segment, segment!

Email segmentation is really essential to e-mail marketing, which is why are emails targeted. However, should you target everybody, and then definitely engage nobody? Ultimately, it’ll only lead to failure. So take special care in segmentation.

If any emails, the very first factor you could do is segmentation. Segment your audience after which send your tailored happiness to each segment. Wait to watch the special moment happen!

Email segmentation strategies work! There shouldn’t be doubt about this. There are many methods for you to segment your audience:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Demographic
  • Online behavior
  • Purchase history, etc.

Whenever you segment your mailing lists and send the best email right people, the likelihood of your subscribers clicking that CTA button will get high! Provide your subscribers with what they need, and you’ll get high click-through rates.

3. Use attractive email templates every time

We can’t stress enough whenever we state that an attractive email template goes a long way with regard to Best Shopify e-mail marketing. Who wouldn’t like visually appealing emails?

So let creativity flow and innovation with email templates. Make use of a different template for each email campaign you signal. This can pique the eye of the subscribers and nudge these to click on the CTA to understand much more about what your brand offers!

Reduce Unsubscriber Rates

To tell the truth, Unsubscribers are inevitable. It’s guaranteed to occur in Shopify e-mail marketing. Regrettably, unsubscribing from an email listing is completely subjective, and it is difficult to pinpoint what caused it.

Be Regular

Stay with a period for your emails. Do you want it if a person offers to set up a meeting at a specific time and winds up reaching their 2 hrs late? Use the identical principle here. Nobody likes an e-mail e-newsletter that does not consume a timeline. So decide how and when frequently you’ll be delivering individuals’ emails and stay with it!

Enable your subscribers to know once they join your list concerning the timing and frequency of the emails in advance. This sets expectations and builds rely upon your brand.

Ask for feedback

It’s normal to think that when a subscriber sheds, they’re lost forever. But it is not the situation.

That is why Shopify Email for email marketing works. Send them follow-up emails requesting feedback on why they unsubscribed. Some might reply, and a few might not. The feedback you receive might surprise you, but it’ll be useful for you to understand where you have to improve.

Groove made a decision to send a request feedback email rather than the survey, and also the outcome was multitudes greater than expected. Here’s their requested feedback email:

How To Optimize Email Marketing For Your Shopify Store

Before we proceed to what sort of emails to transmit and just what features you’ll need in e-mail marketing software, let’s move back and check out steps to make your emails targeted making them converting assets for the Shopify store!

Subject Lines

Subject lines are the initial factor that will get observed by readers before they can open your emails. And they’re key players in deciding your open rate.

So when subject lines fail, your Shopify email strategies are certain to fail. So place your all things in it! Then, go that step further to produce the right subject line for the emails!

The subject line is more essential than ever before as inboxes get full of countless emails every single day, and no one has got the time for you to open every email to check on if the submissions are valuable or otherwise.

So hook your audience by having an intriguing subject line. Avoid cliches on whatsoever occasions nobody likes a copycat. Regardless of how sophisticated your emails are no matter case, your emails aren’t opened up.

Quick tips for engaging subject lines

  • Keep the subject lines short to prevent getting cut lower. Also, ensure that it stays under five to seven words as oftentimes, people have a tendency to check emails utilizing their smartphones
  • Avoid spammy subject lines. By this, steer clear of the overuse of exclamation points, avoid cliches, and don’t make use of all caps, rather than be strong sales together with your subject lines. This can directly lead to unsubscription or, worse, a junk e-mail complaint!
  • Ask open-ended questions. They intrigue the crowd and concentrate their attention on the email. They may want to know the solution to the issue you may well ask within the subject line, which curiosity will nudge these to open the e-mail!
  • Always A/B tries out your subject lines! We have discussed the value of a subject line enough, together with A/B testing exams are a sure-fire approach to finding which subject lines offer you greater open rates, and you’ll keep to the tone and magnificence of the winning copy for future years’ email promotions!

The power of the FOMO element in your subject line❗

Utilize FOMO inside your subject line. The Worry Of Passing up on things works wonders! Send a number of emails whenever you tell them in regards to a product recommendation, an offer, or perhaps an offer code, along with a ‘now or never’ or perhaps a ‘Don’t lose out on this deal!’ always creates a feeling of emergency among your audience and they’ll much more likely open the e-mail. But make certain to continually offer that which you promise inside your subject line!

A/B testing

I know I sound like a broken record by asking you to A/B test this or A/B test that and how it is essential. But hear me out some more, as this A/B testing deserves more credit than this!

Should you not practice the A/B test, it’s time you do. If Batman can’t convince you, I do not know who is able to?! But allow me to try anyway!

A/B tests are a terrific way to enhance your open rate and click-on-through rate. A/B tests everything regarding your email, beginning from subject lines to CTAs. Intensive split testing will invariably provide you with the solutions you’re searching for!

Small alterations in your articles make a significant difference in the performance of the Shopify email strategies. Also it might improve your engagement rate and revenue, and the only method to acquire a better form of your emails is thru A/B testing.

What should you test?

  • Email subject lines
  • Length of your subject lines
  • CTAs
  • Email templates
  • Content
  • Visuals
  • Emails with and without images
  • Personalization of your emails

Quick tips

  • Hypothesize before you decide to A/B test anything! This should help you visualize why A/B testing a specific facet of your email increases your open or click-through rate.
  • Not every A/B test will yield good results. Some might work, and a few might fail. The secret would be to study from your mistakes, and that’s the goal of carrying out this process. Additionally, it will help you realize how to go about e-mail marketing as well as your audience.
  • Learn how to prioritize which component of your email you need to operate A/B testing first. And deprioritize others by hypothesizing, which isn’t important at that time.

Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly emails ensure a great consumer experience. And are you aware that 68% of emails are opened up on cellular devices? And thus it’s mandatory if you would like better achieve. Nobody wants to accept the effort to zoom the interior and exterior of their screens simply to read your articles. So it’s your decision to really make it simpler to allow them to improve engagement.

Beginning out of your email templates, subject lines, email content, preview text, and anything else you may have inside your email ought to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise anticipate to will lose out on greater than 50% of the CTR.

Here are some challenges emails faces when it is viewed on a mobile device:

  • Images get turned off as default if it’s not mobile responsive
  • Each mobile model might have varied support for responsive design.

This stuff happens because they are not the same as the requirements of a desktop/laptop user. This is why you ought to help make your emails mobile-friendly from the get-go!

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