Using Personal Images as Affiliate Links – ShareASale Blog

Using Personal Images as Affiliate Links – ShareASale Blog
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Did you know you could drop out on commissions acquired from your Affiliate Promoting strategies?


You are not linking your personal private photos to your Affiliate back links! 

I know, I know, there are lots of other means to put into action Affiliate backlinks into information, so why would I consider an added move to make my possess images linkable?

Your readers will simply click on the biggest and the brightest pictures in your written content. Normally, these are the pics you have taken and inserted on your own! I click on those varieties of pics when I do not even suggest to sometimes.

There is nothing at all from the banner ads and product picture hyperlinks that Retailers present you, but your audience are typically a lot more captivated to your personal viewpoint of the model or products.

Virtually 9 times out of 10 when I click on personalized photos in a blog post, I’m taken to the site on the website the place the graphic is observed. I.e. material/uploads/2016/09/london24.jpg.

This doesn’t assistance your visitors at all!

If you choose the additional stage to hyperlink that picture with a personalized Affiliate url, I.e., then they can read through up on how to buy a ticket to working experience the London Eye themselves! 

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