3 Best 3D Product Image Apps for Shopify

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As a busy entrepreneur running an e-commerce business, it can be overwhelming to research and find the best 3D product image apps to optimize your Shopify store. To simplify the process for you, we have curated a list of the 3 top 3D product image apps based on app store ratings, number of reviews, top features, and other subjective parameters.

With the use of these apps, you can enhance your customers’ shopping experience by showcasing 3D product image apps of your products. So, let’s dive in to find the perfect app for your store.

  1. Spin Studio ‑ 360 Product Spin
  2. Spiff 3D Product Customization
  3. 360 Product Photography

This app offers a quick and easy way to create beautiful 3D product images for your store. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily add or replace products, customize the background, and adjust the lighting to create eye-catching images.

Spin Studio ‑ 360 Product Spin

This app allows you to showcase your products in 360-degree rotating photos, in other words. As a result, your customers can view the products from any angle. Furthermore, you have complete control over the image details, which means you can control the appearance of your products or how they appear to your clients. Similarly, the software allows you to use product animation for your storefront, which you can use to attract new customers. Furthermore, you can change the design of the app so that it matches your style or the theme of your store.

The most prominent features:

  • Offer 360 spinning product photos
  • Helps shop owners to have full control over photo details
  • Easy to edit the design of the app
  • Support goods animation at the storefront
  • Simple to customize the spinning settings
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Spiff 3D Product Customization

As you are aware, being able to visualize the finished, customized product in your shopper prior to purchase is a powerful method of reducing pre-purchase risk perceptions and, as a result, cart abandonment. Customers can interact with your merchandise using a computer, tablet, or mobile device with this app. Furthermore, this app takes 3D product image app renders to the next level by allowing you to dynamically personalize the product in real-time. The extension, in particular, includes AR functionality, which allows the customized product to activate an AR. Not only that, but you can allow customers to design their own products when they place an order, resulting in a high-resolution print-ready pdf attached to your store order.

The most prominent features:

  • Image Uploads – Customers can add images that mean something to them.
  • Bespoke Fonts – Turn your logo into a font, as we did for Vegemite, Maltesers, Favourites, and Allens Lollies.
  • Patchworks: Generate backgrounds from an illustration that can be randomized so that no people can have the same design. Eg. Nutella and Diet Coke Mosaic campaign.
  • Augmented Reality – Enable users to create their own AR experiences with your brand. It’s simple, it’s easy, and very very powerful.
  • Character Builder: this helps you to create your very own customizable characters. Used in books, Augmented Reality, packaging, and more.
  • Materials/Textures: Shoppers can select between varying Finishes and Textures to add even more realism thereby increasing conversion rates.
  • Custom Pricing Mode: Set pricing to any variant created within the spiff hub and upsell your shoppers easily through interaction.
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360 Product Photography 3D Product Image Apps for Shopify

Shopify 360 Product Viewer enables you to display your products in 360 degrees. Customers can view over and under a product by rotating images down and up. This 3D product image apps viewer is intended to increase sales conversions by bringing online purchasing closer to offline purchasing. Furthermore, the combination of this 360 Product image apps Photography for Shopify app and the Glo3D mobile/desktop app provides a complete solution for capturing, editing, sharing, and adding 360° spin images of any product to your website and online store.

Besides, the theme also comes with a lot of prominent features including:

  • The newest feature: Product 3D, as well as AR Model, Google rich snippets structured Data, AJAX Search Autocomplete
  • The top trending theme on Themeforest. Also, the theme is optimized for Dropshipping apps for Shopify.
  • 24 + Pre-made demos
  • Compatible with top plugins including MegaMenu, ajax search autocomplete, native Shopify quick view, Ajaz product filter..et
  • One-click Demo Importer: one theme importer already offers pages, posts, sliders, widgets, and so many more
  • Fake Sales Popup: Easy way to convince visitors to stay around
  • Recommend products: Highlighting the products that help increase the conversion rate
  • Full Customizability: modifying is more simple because you don’t have to write any new coding.


In conclusion, the right 3D product image app can make a significant difference in the customer experience and ultimately drive sales for your e-commerce store. We hope our list of the 3 top 3D product image apps will help you in your search for the perfect app for your Shopify store.

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